True Trust Testimonials and Benefits, True Trust References
 True Trust Testimonials and Benefits, True Trust References


Trust Plan Case Histories

When I had to decide whether to keep my expensive house or my recovering business, the Private Asset Trust Plan saved the day.....           W.F. - Garden City, Michigan

Thanks to the PRIVATE ASSET PROTECTION PROGRAM, I now pay my taxes privately, without fear of audits..          J. L. - Laguna Beach California

 Asset Protection True Trust Book by Jay Lashlee When we sold our well maintained home, the buyers were satisfied with our perfect little house. Four years later they started a lawsuit trying to get us to buy them a new roof. They said when it rained recently, it was the first time that the heavy rain caused them to notice a leak and and that we owed them a brand new roof. We offered to repair the existing roof, but they refused. When their attorney found out we had our assets protected, they tried to take our first repair offer.  Private Asset Protection Trust Book by Jay Lashlee We finally agreed to "gift" them $200.00 for materials, if they apoligized....         V.S. - Phoenix, Arizona

We got stuck with medical bills after our insurance maxed out. We couldn't afford to get my dad long-term medical care. We would have lost everything without the protection that you provided....           D.R.R. - Henderson, Nevada

When a vagrant tripped on the sidewalk in front of our home, he claimed he was injured. He failed to pay the hospital, then got an attorney. Both the hospital and his attorneys dropped the lawsuit when they found out our assets were protected....                   A.C. - Mission Hills, California

We were sad when our kids quit visiting us over the years. They were too busy for us, traveled elsewhere often, and had made it difficult for us to see the grandkids.

Recently, things changed. They started coming over almost every day and said they thought we might be happier in "a rest home". They tried to get us to go to their doctor friends and we suspected they were considering having us declared "incompetent" to get control and get their inheritance early. They wanted to sell our home!

When we told them our Private Asset Trust stated the home could not be transferred until after we were both gone, they quit pestering us. Funny that they don't visit so much anymore. We spend time golfing and playing cards with friends instead!

Oh, we also changed the beneficiary to be the church...         R.A. & S.A. - Houston, Texas

When our finances hit bottom, we didn't want to file bankruptcy. We didn't want to pay a few thousand dollars for bankruptcy costs, spend time in court, just to then destroy our credit report. The Private Trust Plan allowed us to avoid filing bankruptcy, and keep just what we could afford. It was a much better, easier, and less costly solution....           Marie G. - Sacramento, CA

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 True Trust Testimonials and Benefits, True Trust References