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 True Trust Accounts


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My parents had their life savings (gold) "confiscated" just before I was born. Now, with the collapse of the overprinted dollar, my (gold) savings is in a Private Asset Protection Trust bank account....           C.R. - Las Vegas, Nevada

Now, with the loss of our privacy and out of control asset taking by "suspicion" everywhere, I had no choice for safety except a Private Asset Protection Package. And, we got our parents, our kids, and many of our friends private investment accounts too, as well as a private bank account. We even own a few stocks in a private protection trust. Peace of mind is closer....                   A.C. - Mission Hills, California

After we paid some of our kids' bills, and made them a few loans, their visits and time spent with us, and their invitations to family events became fewer and less often. So, when we sold off some jewelry and some other assets, we started a private bank trust account to keep some retirement funds available. We only told one of the kids about it. Naturally, it was the (adult) child that is responsible and still brings the grandkids to visit us.

Oh, we also changed the rest of our beneficial interest to go to our grandkids....         R.A. & G.A. - Dallas, Texas

My identity was stolen and thousands of dollars were missing. A Private Asset Protection Trust bank account has now saved the day, AND my money.....           W.F. - Garden City, Michigan

Thanks to the PRIVATE ASSET PROTECTION TRUST PLAN, my banking and taxes are private again, without fear of attack..          J. L. - Laguna Beach California

 Asset Protection True Trust Book by EJ Lashlee When we sold our condo and retired, our kids wanted to know how much money we had, so they could help us "manage" our lives. We suspected they would not "help" us, as much as they would "control" us. We offered that there was only a small amount remaining that they would EVENTUALLY get after we both passed on. So now, we vacation wherever we want, and they do NOT supervise our finances. A Private Asset Protection Trust keeps it safe and private... even from their greedy spouses. We even bought another cozy residence (with a different Private Asset Protection Trust)....         J.S. - Mesa, Arizona

When we couldn't keep full-time employment, we didn't want to file bankruptcy. We needed to pay our bills and keep from being a target. The Private Trust Pack allowed us to avoid filing bankruptcy, and keep just the most important things we could afford. It was a much better, easier, and less costly solution....           Dave and Monica G. - Davis, CA

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 True Trust Accounts